Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adwords: What You Often Forget To Do

Much of us would like to venture into the world of Adwords. After all, it is very enticing and there are a lot of profits to be made. However if not done wisely, we can experience blunders in our quest. Below, we shall know the different things people overlook while doing their campaign:

Definitely, this is no Paul the Octopus stunt wherein you get it right every time. Not saying though that a boneless tentacle wonder can outsmart you in any endeavour—even he had to practice his craft.

With this in mind, we now shall enumerate the different things people overlook while doing their campaign:

Disregarding match types
The inexperienced PPC bidder would merely just get a broad match type for the PPC campaign and nothing else. By exploring other match types, you can get more visibility of ads and reach more searches. You don’t have to stick to the formula way of getting to your clicks, and you also help your CTR in the process.

Not actively bidding
You would mostly go with the status quo bidding, but getting ahead of the competition is much trickier than that. Craftiness is a plus when it comes to bidding for position. While you are aiming to get exposure on the search engines, you would also like to convert web viewers, and do so at the least costly price.

Failure to get words with potentially high CTR
You may not know it, but that spur of the moment ad copy you placed in your Adwords account? It probably wasn’t the stroke of genius you thought it was. You need to recognize that there are words that simply can do it for you in ads, especially when attracting customers. The impact of a “the” in the placement of your ad is definitely more than just a mere “a”. (Case in point: Ä New Dell Android Phone””, compared to “The New Dell Android Phone”) Similarly, the use of terms “guaranteed”” and free” in ad copies—coupled with a creative spin on the part of the PPC implementer—effectively capture the attention of leads. So, homework in this area is strongly suggested.

Not having a converting landing page
Okay, so you wrote the perfect ad. But what if the page it leads to is a flop? Some people after being attracted to ad, may just be turned off by the page they are led to, thus not enabling the conversion desired. In this case, you must test the landing page the ad goes to. Make modifications appearance-wise and text-wise, and consider including other features such as surveys just to keep the attention of the customer. Not only will it benefit your click through performance, it will also have a hand improving your quality score, or relevancy rating for your site for any given keyword.

Not testing ad position
Getting the top spot for ads is a very desirable thing for advertisers. However, because of the high cost of trying to achieve this, it can have negative implications. In other words, it’s better to get more for a maxed out total profit less total profit cost figure. If you bid at a lower price, yet manage to get a hefty amount of customers, you can establish a truly profitable campaign.

Not considering having your ads show up for some certain parts of the day.
Yes, it could be taxing at times having to schedule impressions for an ad. But doing so may also result in high clicks for those certain parts of the day, and high ROI for ad placement can be gotten by appearing for a selected number of times and converting for those few times. So experiment with this if you’ve the time.

Not doing a regular check-up to monitor performance of keywords.
One cannot afford to be stagnant when doing a check-up of keyword over specific parts of the week. You must know the terms that are still getting you on sites, as well as those which aren’t. Doing split tests will help you. Be dynamic in changing up the keywords and creation of ad copies for a more desirable overall CTR and quality score.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO of KeywordSpy. You can find more information about him at PeterZmijewski.

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