Friday, August 20, 2010

Optimize Your Organic Keyword Presence – Use KeywordSpy

Building a website is as easy as ABC and even a newbie can do it without getting extensive help from anyone. Making and maintaining its online visibility is another question and it sure is a tough one.

An aesthetically appealing design on your website can definitely catch the attention of users, however, without proper optimization, your efforts to make a creative website theme is useless if no one will reach your website to take a look at it --- this is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.  SEO plays a very significant role in boosting your website's visibility in search engines.

Surveys conducted by various companies show that majority of web users/searchers usually do not go past the first two or three pages of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), but with the proper application of SEO techniques, a guaranteed visibility of your website is in the bag.

Now the challenge is: How will you optimize your website to make it more visible online?

Of course one can always get help from companies offering expert SEO and PPC services, however, if you are operating a small business with only a limited budget allocated for online advertisement campaigns, this is not a viable option.

So, how will you compete with huge companies that are investing millions and millions of dollars if you are just starting your online campaigns?

Simple! Take advantage of your competitor's organic keywords! Organic Keywords, also known as natural keywords, are those that appear naturally on your website and are the ones responsible for the free traffic a site generates via popularity rank in a search engine's result pages.

The most significant factor that has to be considered in setting up an organic keyword campaign for a website is keyword relevance in relation to the website content and target customers.  For example if your site is selling insulated pants with the brand name “HeatPants x5”, and provided that the brand name is not yet well known as it is a relatively new release, then it should be noted that keyword selection for this scenario should not only involve the brand name itself but the more common search strings that potential customers will most likely use – in this case it is “insulated pants”.

Therefore, in order for you to take advantage of organic keywords, first, you have to identify what those keywords are, especially the keywords used by your competitors in their advertising campaigns. For you to determine these keywords, you need an efficient keyword research tool.

With the above SEO tip mentioned, it is imperative that you use a tool that will help you optimize if not maximize your organic keyword campaign. This is where KeywordSpy comes into the picture.  With KeywordSpy you can discover your competitors’ organic keywords which you can use to position your ad much better.

Here’s how it works:  by spying on your competitor sites' organic data, KeywordSpy continuously suggests effective organic keywords so you'll know and you'll be able to visualize which keywords are effective for your campaign.

KeywordSpy also offers the following two key features: Competitive Intelligence and Keyword Research.

Establishing better website traffic and increased profits are within your reach. Start improving your SEO results by using KeywordSpy today.

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