Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Yahoo Search BOSS Details Released

Sometime this summer, the latest version of Yahoo Search BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) will launch, and on March 1st, Yahoo intends to provide lots more technical details.  But this morning, Yahoo shared what many developers really need to know: pricing info, along with its search advertising and branding policies. We'll go ahead and paste Yahoo's full table of pricing info below so that you can have a look at it.  It'll be pretty key in determining how everyone reacts to whatever else Yahoo has planned, after all. Here are the rest of the details the company released.  A post on the Yahoo Search Blog stated, "We encourage BOSS developers to use Yahoo! Search advertising to build a sustainable business for their applications, and those qualifying for Yahoo! Search advertising will be served ads in their BOSS API calls.  Through the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, we believe we have a robust marketplace and search advertising platform that will meet customers' needs.  In addition, we encourage developers to experiment with other advertising formats such as display." Yahoo's hoping all that will impress developers.  If that's the case, its branding policy will then kick in and let the company put its name in front of more end users. The blog post indicated, "With the new version, we will be publishing Yahoo! branding guidelines for BOSS and will require all applications to include recognition of the Yahoo! brand.  We want you to be able to leverage the Yahoo! brand to help signify the valuable platform on which your applications are built." Peter Zmijewski who is called as Innovator, investor, internet marketing guru and entrepreneur. Peter Zmijewski is also the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. For more updates don’t go away and stay with us.

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