Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazon starts DNS Cloud Service

Amazon Web Services has launched Amazon Route 53, a Domain Name System (DNS) in the cloud that allows businesses to direct Internet traffic to web applications.

Amazon Route 53 can be used to route end users to multiple AWS services including Amazon EC2, an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer or an Amazon S3 bucket, and to infrastructure outside of AWS.

Route 53 features a self-service design with a pay-as-you-go model where users pay only for managing domains through the service and the number of queries that the service answers.

Amazon-Route-53 Amazon Route 53 uses a network of DNS servers located across the globe, which allows businesses to keep their web applications available. Amazon Route 53 also lets users place controls over who can manage their DNS system by allowing integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

“Our customers have asked for a DNS service with all the same qualities of the other AWS services that they use every day – flexible, scalable, no commitment, inexpensive, and pay-as-you go,” said by, General Manager of Amazon CloudFront.

“That’s exactly what Amazon Route 53 provides. Now AWS customers who need a DNS service don’t have to work with a separate provider and instead can get this additional infrastructure service with the AWS platform.”

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