Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social media and research

Today’s research delicacy is about the integration of social media and e-mail. Its a match that is made in heaven from a theoretical standpoint for sure. In practice, these things tend to be a little more like real life means great intentions but messier than any of us would like.

Now days we get more information about how this marriage is something that is being done with great success. We get the data from; it’s a company that does e-mail marketing management for businesses and organizations. If we have learned one thing over the past several years the research as PR movement is alive and well. Too bad that doesn’t always mean that the data isn’t influenced.

The main question which comes in my mind is: If you used social media with e-mail marketing to get better results this last year, how much better were your results?

Research is a good thing. It needs to be done but the simple matter is that it needs to be performed by an unsponsored third party for it to truly have some value. As soon as I see that a piece of research comes from a company that stands to benefit from a positive result I turn into the high cynic and I suggest you do the same.

Peter Zmijewski who is called as a internet marketing guru is the founder and CEO of KeywordSpy.com . You can find more information about him at PeterZmijewski.com

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