Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is Your SEO Ready for Cyber Monday

I’ve spoken with more than a few e-commerce site owners who freely admit that more than half of their annual PPC budget is going to be spent in the next few weeks, as sites prepare for the onslaught of shoppers that begin with Cyber Monday and carry through to just before Christmas. Just like Black Friday is supposed to put brick and mortar retailers “back in the black” for their year, the Monday after Thanksgiving has become the same source of revenue for etailers. The profits that stand to be gained on Cyber Monday are astronomical, is your site’s SEO prepared to earn your piece of the pie?

Here are 3 quick things you can do to get your site ready for Cyber Monday:

1. Schedule out your social media messages.

Using the social media management tool of your choice, now is the time to schedule out your social media messages for the next month. What deals/specials/incentives do you want to make your social network aware of? One lone tweet isn’t going to make much of an impact. Schedule slight variations of your messages at different times each day to make sure they have a better chance of being seen by your target audience. The more times your message is seen by your target audience the better; it will help stick your brand in their minds when the time comes to do their online shopping. Just don’t forget to include links back to your site and specific product pages.

2. Target long-tail keywords.

Most shoppers aren’t going to find your e-commerce site by broad keywords like “shoes” or “blouse” or “suitcase.” If you want to effectively compete with the hundreds of other e-commerce sites this Cyber Monday, focus on the long-tail keywords your site can really own. People are looking to buy and they are looking to buy now, meaning they are done with the research phase of their buying cycle. You may not get as many visitors with the long-tail keywords but they are the ones ready to spend immediately. You should also incorporate model and product numbers into your pages so people looking for those specific items will land on your site.

3. Add call-to-actions to your site.

Once a visitor is on your site, you don’t want them leaving it and venturing over to a competitor’s! Get their attention and convince them to buy with your call-to-actions. Try incorporating different call-to-actions at different points on your website and through the checkout process. Are there any shipping incentives you can offer like “Buy today and get guaranteed delivery by December 23rd!” or “Spend $50 or more today and receive free shipping!” What call-to-actions can you use to up-sell your products? Are there any last minute ideas you can recommend to shoppers to make their carts just a little bit fuller?

Keep in mind that the older and more trusted your site is the more likely small changes are going to make an impact. If you only recently launched your e-commerce site you might not be able to make as big a splash this Cyber Monday as you will next year, when your site has had time to age and develop a strong link portfolio.

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