Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LG to Debut Google TV in January

LG will debut a Google TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012, Bloomberg reported. This will be LG's first model with Google TV software pre-installed.

Google has been trying to further it's coalition behind it's Google TV software by partnering up with some of the largest companies in the world. LG, the second-largest TV maker in the world, should help them to secure larger partnerships despite the Logitech deal falling through.

Logitech won't be producing any more Google TV devices after it runs out of inventory. They have even gone as far as cutting prices dramatically to get rid of current inventory. Logitech, which reported a loss of $100 million on the Google TV boxes and their CEO said partnering with Google was a huge mistake.

Despite these warnings and losses from other companies, LG has decided to press forward and integrate with the Google TV software. Neither Clair Jang, spokeswoman from LG, nor Tobin Moroney from Google had any comments on the discussions between the two companies.

LG and bigger rival Samsung Electronics are embracing technologies like the Google TV, 3D, and other new media in a bid to revive the demand for TV. Prices have been plummeting over the past five plus years and both companies want to help make up the losses. Sony, which sells TVs under the Bravia brand, has reported losses eight straight years in it's TV business. The race for new media revenues has begun.

The LG relationship comes as the Mountain View, California-based company is getting more and more competition from Apple Inc. and Microsoft and their recent unveiling the original TV service last year with Sony, Logitech and Dish Network.

Google failed to secure programming with the four major U.S. broadcasting networks CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. This could be the reason why Google has been making offers at Hulu and striking up deals with Disney. They want to secure programming for them and their partners.

The Google TV service was recently revamped. Its latest version has opened up the platform to Android developers in hopes to build applications for the TV. Google TV has also simplified its interface and is designed to watch and share YouTube videos easier. The idea of Internet plus TV is inevitable, with reports swirling that Google may even start its own cable TV service, but we'll have to wait for the details of this partnership at CES in Las Vegas in January.

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